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        All student’s projects both main project in IV / IV – II – Sem and mini project after III/IV – II – Sem are encouraged to carryout either in the campus or in standard organizations like public sector undertakings, research institutions and IT companies.

        A separate R & D Laboratory has been established for this purpose with an equipment/computers/embedded development boards costing more than 6 Lakhs.  All projects are industrial grade projects and are guided by our own faculty; the faculty is given proper training by experts from the industry and research institutes.

      We strictly adhere to the principle of imparting quality education and practical training to our students. Hence, we strongly discourage our students to do their project work at commercial institutions widely spread in different parts of Hyderabad and state. Several of our faculty members come from with rich industrial experience with practical knowledge of product design, development and testing.

        We thank all these faculty members for their services in making in house academic projects of final year students a great success.

     We also understand the limitations of executing industrial grade student’s projects from few engineering departments like Mechanical and Electrical. So we encourage the students of such departments to carry out genuine projects in the core industry environment outside the campus. Our final students of A. Y: 2012-13 have successfully completed the industrial grade mini projects either in campus or in public sector undertakings like DRDL, BHEL, ECIL, NRSA etc.


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